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Speaking – Let us Motivate your Group with Fun and Health!

Speaking engagements for your conferences, retreats, lunch n learns – let us design programs sure to entertain, and infuse your employees with health and camaraderie.

Process: A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result

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How many times have we gone to a program and gotten all caught up in the moment & had the best intentions to implement the many ideas and then…….

Its not about impressing the audience with overwhelming information overload & inapplicability – its about doing personal assessments & designing a unique plan addressing unique barriers &  challenges & health saboteurs. We also have to re-educate – misinformation, especially in a situation with preexisting health challenges – can be dangerous. Ex: There is definitely the “wrong exercise”.

Designing a Process of health & fitness “step it up” is built into every process, with laughter & most of all – the confidence of I can do this!

Speaking Topics – Most Often Requested

Workplace Challenges

  • Yes: There is Time!  The “No Time Whine”
  • Creating A Corporate Health Culture
  • Trifecta Triathlon: Family -Health- Work Balance
  • De-Sedentizing, Yes with a desk job – Physical & Cognitive Health & Productivity
  • The Corporate Happy Place: De-Stressing for Engagement, Camaraderie & Compatibility
  • Nutrition on the Go/Exercise on the Go

Proactive Lifestyle

  • Men’s Health: Everything You Didn’t Want to Ask Especially from a Woman!
  • True Anti Aging (Mind & Body) Tickling the Telomeres!
  • Creating an Integrated Disease Prevention Lifestyle
  • A Life to Prevent Cancer Prevents all of our chronic illnesses
  • Working with Circadian Rhythms
  • Neuroplasticity: Sculpting our Behaviors Neuron by Neuron
  • Nutrition & Exercise to Empower our Performance & Energize
  • Falling in Love with Fitness
  • 75% of Chronic Illness are Lifestyle Choices: Live to Live
  • Success & Performance Necessitates Biochemical Efficacy
  • Lifestyle for Prevention/Management Metabolic Syndrome CVD
Qi - Balancing our Inner Ecosystem for Health
Qi – Balancing our Inner Ecosystem for Health


Inner Peace & Personal Growth

  • Laughter Therapy
  • Our Qi to Success: Creating our Inner Peace & Understanding our Aura
  • Manifesting our Vision to Personal Growth & Productivity
  • Creating out Personal Identity to Eliminate Health Saboteurs
  • Cellular fitness for Emotional Calm & Peace
  • Nesting : Creating Your Health Centric Space

Our Top Lifestyle Killers..Physical Inactivity     Smoking    Incomplete Nutrition

  • DeStress from a Physiological/Cellular level – The Real WayProfessional Speaking Shira Litwack Gut Health
  • Smoking Cessation – Minimizing Withdrawal: Quadruple Success
  • An Honest Look at our Eating Behaviors – Food Addictions
  • Challenges in Fat Loss
  • Metabolic Syndrome: Prevention & Management
  • My Achey Breaky Body: Avoiding MusculoSkeletal Challenges
  • Complimentary Cancer Therapies
  • Holistic Nutrition: Eat to Heal
  • Creating an Exercise Continuum – From Whatever Level
  • An Integrated Chronic Disease Management Program

All Processes can be followed up with one-on-one telephonic/Skype coaching/Zoom

Detailed Needs Assessment Pre Process, Customizing Programs, budget issues… – Our Pleasure to figure it out!…CorporateHealth@BestinHealthRadio.com

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